leading by putting clients first

Every person and every business is motivated by something. At The Law Office of Daniel L. White, PLLC, we are motivated by our clients. We get to know our clients and strive to understand their needs, concerns and goals. We believe that in-depth connection helps us to work more effectively and achieve the results our clients need.

We know our clients are facing life-changing situations. It’s important to us to give them the time they need, not only in the initial consultation but in every subsequent meeting, and to be accessible to them by phone or e-mail when they have questions. If we can’t speak to our clients immediately, we get back to them promptly. We never want them to feel that they are alone in dealing with their legal challenges.

It’s important for attorneys to know the intricacies of the law–and we do. It’s important to be familiar with the workings of the courts and the state and federal agencies that we deal with–and we are. But our depth of knowledge and experience means little outside of the context of the flesh-and-blood people we help. We tailor our services to the needs of the individuals with whom we work. Keeping our clients uppermost in our mind is what drives us and fuels our success.

That dedication to our clients is what makes them secure in our legal counsel, and what encourages them to recommend us to their family, friends, and colleagues.
— The Law Office of Daniel L. White, PLLC